Sex Sez…




Rainy Daze

Rain soaked streets.
You and I between the sheets.

With you between my legs.
And me beginning to beg.

Enjoying the wait. Rarely sudden.
Anxious for the thunder below your belly button.

Feeling you rise, while I slide you inside.

My heart is thumping as the headboard goes bumping.

Absorbing one another.
Like the rain to the puddles.

Caught in love under a wet and warm haze.
Who says playing hookie is only for snow days?


Kiss Me

Kiss me so tender, with lips that delight.
A kiss to remember, my heart takes flight.

A kiss that is nothing but purest bliss.
A kiss that is something more than this.

So kiss me again, and breathe me deep.
Kiss me unfringed, as my body weeps.

Kiss me in the dark, without making a sound.
Kiss me in my heart, like forever is now.



The Middle

Search my body, maybe you’ll find something you like.

Feeling the heat and the tension in the room spike.

We both know it’s true, we both are aware.

You gave it all away with your sexy-sultry stare.

So who shall it be? Who makes the first move?

He vs. She, and the one to break will lose.

Or win in such a way, depends on how you view it.

Mental game of chess, both opponents want to do it.

Adults like kids, complexity within the riddle.

Lets do the mature thing and meet right in the middle.

…of my legs. 😉

Taste Me, Tasting You

Legs spread, like waking in a dream.

Tender long kisses, down the middle, inbetween.

Deep slippery slurps, along your hard skin.

While you continue to nibble at my knee, behind the bend.

Taking all the time, nothing feels hurried.

Hands exploring while both our heads are buried.

Taste me tasting you, with such incredible thirst.

Blood pumping, breath heavy, feels like you’re going to burst.

Our moans are muffled, but we can feel the vibration.

Only moments away now, from the purest sensation.

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