Sex Sez…




Tangled Web 

When you think of her you’re wondering how.

To touch her skin, you’re wanting it now.

Pulling off her skirt, without a sound.

Ripping through her panties and sinking down.
Many moons with sultry thoughts.

Purchasing visions that memories bought. 

Hoping that it isn’t all for naught.

Such a fly to the spider, and the fly is caught.

Rainy Daze

Rain soaked streets.
You and I between the sheets.

With you between my legs.
And me beginning to beg.

Enjoying the wait. Rarely sudden.
Anxious for the thunder below your belly button.

Feeling you rise, while I slide you inside.

My heart is thumping as the headboard goes bumping.

Absorbing one another.
Like the rain to the puddles.

Caught in love under a wet and warm haze.
Who says playing hookie is only for snow days?


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