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Apollonia Saintclair



I’ve only just recently discovered this incredible, sexually charged artist; Apollonia Saintclair is her name and capturing erotic movement is her game.

With just a simple pen, she creates genital-swelling pieces that make you wanna run home and molest your lover. {Or maybe find the closest bathroom so you can molest yourself  ;)}


Recently releasing “Erotic Synergy” – her book featuring 33 of her realistic drawings, Apollonia has lots to show for sexual pleasure. Available here, possibly a conversation stimulator for the coffee table?


“In ‘Erotic Synergy’ we look primarily to highlight women’s, and also non-binary gendered people’s, perspectives of erotic engagement. We selected short stories and poems that evoke a range of different scenarios and roles that people desire, dominate, experiment with and/or to which they actively submit. Most stories depart from heteronormative behaviors and beliefs to explore nonconformist ways a person can be in an erotic context. ‘Erotic Synergy’ is a literary and visual playground of many secret fantasies, which only a few of us have actually dared to experience.”
So go on!   Sex Sez approved.

Strength of Seduction

Have you ever heard the saying, “The couple that works-out together, stays together”? Probably not until now, and boy what a way to stay together!

Passed along by a friend of mine, I was introduced to MM Fitness’s  Strength of Seduction – The modern couple’s guide to maintaining intimacy through fitness!
Talk about getting hot and heavy…


I had a similar idea some years ago to invent “Sex Aerobics” but never executed it, so this DVD certainly appeals to me. What better way to bond with your spouse than improving your physical health together, all while (re)developing sensual intimacy? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Micha Morgan has blended soft exercises, or isometrics with seductive and suggestive moves. The sexual tension alone should be enough to make you want to complete the work-out before moving onto “extra curriculum activities”.

I say give it a shot, we can all stand to be a little tighter around the waist side and at least this way you can have someone to laugh with while you do so. I know I’m going to check out the Strength of Seduction and let you guys know how it is. Order your very own here and give me feedback.

“Sweat baby, sweat baby. Sex is a Texas drought…”

Bad, Sex Sez.

Where in the world is Sex Sez?


Relocating takes time and effort. But mostly time. One might say I’ve been a bit.. DeLAID. Huh? Huh?! *Ahem*

Now that I’m settled & back on the right side of the country, I can return to focusing on all my little erotic writings. How have my naughties been?
Instagram has once again deleted my account. Third time’s the charm — they win. I’m strictly a Tumblr doll now. Follow me there at Sex-Sez.

Thank you for still visiting Sex Sez and continuing to show love during my absence. Truly appreciated! Also will have responses and advice questions answered shortly.

Tank Q, once again.


Dick Pics Fully Loaded

We’ve all gotten them or sent them a time or two. Being a product of the Information Age, sometimes it was a bit too much information. Once they put cameras inside cell phones it was over. Tit clicks, Dick pics, vulva …pulvas ? Moving on—

—everyone has experienced their share of dick pics, but how many of us has gotten or sent one with professionalism? How many of us has decorated our man’s member or received a photo of a cock that was so well dressed you wanted to properly ask it out to dinner?

The closest I’ve come was putting a $.25 mini football helmet on the head and saying “Hut, hut!”   There was also the mini Darth Vader helmet too*… Nevermind that though.

Soraya Doolbaz, a New York photographer, has made a name for herself taking pictures of the male genitalia dressed up in various costumes. Dick meets quirky. Dirky! Soraya calls it the Dicture Gallery. Check it out below.

Dick Pics meet Artful Photography

Get your dick pics up, gentlemen!


*The force was strong in that one. 😉


Lettin’em Down Easy

We’ve all been there. It’s one of the more uglier sides of relationships, flings, Jump-Offs, and “just messin’ arounds”; ENDING IT!

How does one do it? If you have any sort of a heart it isn’t really an easy task. No one enjoys being rejected* and rejecting someone is pretty awkward in itself too. Anytime you have two people seeing one situation two different ways, you have to go deeper & begin to break it down.

The Breaker-Upper has to explain why they feel the need to end things, meanwhile the Breaker-Uppee has to explain why they feel the relationship, (in any capacity), is worth keeping.
For some people, it’s just as easy as saying “I’m not into this anymore. I wish you the best of luck. Goodbye.” For others they can project memories of their own rejection and fear putting that on someone else then totally dread breaking up. Or worse, NEVER break up.** With all of these spectrums, where do you fit in?

Your level of maturity and overall respect for the other person will depend on how you handle break-ups. It could also be the terrain of the relationship. So if your time spent together wasn’t neccesarily a bad time, breaking up with that person may be a little bit harder. There might even be some uncertainty also.
However, if your time spent was rockier or asinine in any way, breaking up with that person may be easier or even enjoyable you sick fuck. 😉

Either way, ending things with someone should always be respectful, as honest as you can be, and as calm as you can be. Preferably curse free.
Understandably though, there  are those times when ‘calm’ break-ups just isn’t an option. It happens. It happens to us all. And no matter which side of the coin you’re on, both people involved remember it. Ha! Maybe even shudder at the thought from time to time, but hopefully have moved onto better people and aren’t harboring ill feelings.

Always remember that it sucks to be dumped. It’s basically another person telling you to your face*** that you aren’t good enough. And it isn’t that you aren’t good enough as a whole, you just aren’t good enough.. For… Them… Hmm? Maybe I need to rethink this one, but while I do that, chew on this;

When breaking up with someone, do it the way you’d want it done to you. S’all I got for now.   Spread love.




*With an except of a small few. (Weirdos – I kid, I kid)

**Those are the really sad cases because the person never lives up to their full romantic potential.

***Or sometimes via text, email, phone. (Cowards)



Sex Bucket List

Not everyone can be sexually liberating all the time. Sex can take on different forms for different people, especially if they were raised to shame their sexual desires. Some people are late bloomers, some people are an amazing lay in bed, some people are still virgins! But much like life, sex also has a list that the average human with a beating heart should definitely experience. If not just for the thrill alone.

So with that said, take a gander at the Sex Bucket List and see how many YOU have checked off… Or how many you intend to.
Keep in mind, the list varies in sexual preferences. Maybe engaging in same-sex activities isn’t your twist. These are just suggestions.

Yours truly has personally checked off 46 various acts out of 50 from the list. 😉



1. Have a threesome.
2. Masturbate.
3. Have phone sex.
4. Have cyber sex.
5. Kiss a girl. (Member of the same sex)
6. Dirty talk during sex.
7. Have anal sex. (Wear a strap-on)
8. Use vibrating toys during sex.
9. Tie someone up & be tied up.
10. Participate in an orgy.
11. Kiss a random person without warning.
12. Experiment with S&M/BDSM. (Take turns w/ Dominant & Submissive roles)
13. Committed love sex. (Feels so much better when you know it’s yours)
14. Try every position featured in the Kama Sutra book.
15. Have sex inside a car. (More points if someone else is driving)
16. Have sex on a boat.
17. Making out for ten minutes before having sex.
18. Have sex in a foreign country or another state. (Maybe with a local)
19. Have sex in a public area.
20. Have quiet sex in a full house.
21. Sex in/near water.
22. Sex out in nature. (Forest, park, beach)
23. Blindfold someone, then be blindfolded.
24. Oral sex. (Licking of the ass is also recommended)
25. Have drunk or drug altered sex.
26. Use ice and fruit during oral sex. (Pineapples & melons recommended)
27. Have sex with someone much older. (Still sexually attractive)
28. Have sex with someone much younger. (Legally “young” is advised!)
29. Play a strip-poker or strip-card game.
30. Play underwear Twister with invited friends.
31. Cook and eat foods that are a sexual aphrodisiac.
32. Have sex with a skirt on/Do her with her skirt on.
33. Send naughty or suggestive photos to him/her all day.
34. Try role-playing.
35. Spanking. (Hands or soft leather paddle)
36. Have sex on the stairs. (Careful!)
37. Have over the top, loud sex.
38. Sex up against the wall.
39. Have sex in a friend’s bathroom without their knowledge.
40. Have a one-night stand.
41. Morning sex.
42. Middle of the night sex.
43. Sex with no kissing.
44. Road head.
45. Read or write erotica to/with/for each other.
46. 69ing while camping.
47. Order sexy garments for each other.
48. Watch porn together.
49. Make a sex video together.
50. Order and receive Sex Sez’s Love Jar for daily sex assignments & motivating quotes.

So gon’! Start crossing off your list!

Intercourse “Inside” Scoop

We’ve all seen how sex works and looks on the outside, but have you ever wondered how it looks on the inside?

IFLScience has given us an inside look at exactly what goes on that feels so good. NSFW, but then again, nothing on this site is. 😉

Check it out here. It’s worth the arousal.

Relationships 101

After a recent conversation with a friend I began wondering what it is about being in relationships that people MUST HAVE! I get it, the coziness, the love, the sex, the intimacy are just a few. But some of the reasons I hear from people aren’t real reasons at all.

I’m a Happy-Go-Lucky sorta gal, so maybe that’s why my outlook is somewhat sunny, but most people who are just your runofthemill cynics have pretty sad reasons for wanting to be involved, if they know their reasons at all.

“‘Cause, why would I wanna be alone?” // “You get sex on the daily!” // “I dunno, ’cause that’s what people do…?”

Life can’t be this dense… {smh}

I created a simple list. It’s just ten little points of what I consider healthy and unhealthy for relationships. See where you draw your line in the sand.



1) You inspire growth in each other.
2) You bring out each others’ best qualities.
3) You’re both open to change within the relationship.
4) You both practice true intimacy together.
5) You allow individuality within your relationship.
6) Neither of you attempt changing or controlling the other.
7) You both welcome affection & closeness.
8) You both find pleasure in giving & receiving.
9) You each have individual high self-esteem.
10) You’re both respectful or the others wishes.


1) You’re afraid to let go or be away from your spouse.
2) You look to your spouse for self-esteem or validation.
3) Belittling or frequent power struggles.
4) Feeling consumed by the relationship or person.
5) Fear of committing or communicating.
6) No intimacy.
7) Little to no personal growth.
8) Continuous negative feelings or yearning for more.
9) Fear of being alone.
10) Attempting to gain emotional care by giving other things.


5 Tools For Making It Last

Relationships. What does it all mean? Monogamy and commitment and everything else that comes in between; it can be a headache, a heartbreak or even a bit of both. When we find that special someone that puts all of our fears to bed and rescues our sense of belonging it can feel like sacrifice is always worth it. But what happens when sacrifice and compromise doesn’t feel worth it anymore?

We all lose the excitement once deep in a relationship*, there’s no surprise there. The trick is to remind yourself of why. Why you chose that person**, why you fell in love with that person and why it’s worth staying with that person.

It’s important for committed people to remember the factors. It’s also important to remember and think of ways to keep the relationship happy and thriving. New adventures, new projects, relationship building. It doesn’t always have to feel like a chore. Reinvent yourself together! Fall back in love.
When we think about long-term commitment, what do we think of?

1) Trust – Believe in your spouse to maintain the love & affection they have for you. Doubt will creep occasionally, but that’s why trust is such an important issue. (Helps if you keep things new & fresh, which brings us to #2)

2) Excitement & Enticement – Got to keep things interesting and fresh. Going out more, starting new hobbies together, just switching it up in general breeds excitement (or anxiety depending on youor spouse) and will take you both away from the monotony of everyday life.

3) Remember – Remember the love that brought you together and that will be the love that keeps you together. It can even transform into different types of love, settling back with the most powerful love of all; togetherness.

4) Respect – Whether you understand or not, you have to respect that the person you chose for your life needs your support. Without it conflicting directly to your wants and needs, you have to decide when compromise is necessary. (Notso-new-NEWSFLASH: It isn’t always when it’s most convenient for you either.)

5) Openess – Without #4, you most likely won’t get far with this one. If your spouse doesn’t feel like they have your respect, they probably won’t share with you as openly their emotions and what they’re thinking.

Sure, there are other rules and laws to live by when it comes to love, but I do believe these five are the basic ones.

Trust in your love story, keep things fun & fresh, remember how & why you fell for one another, respect your spouse and be open about your emotions. Relationships can be really fun once you’ve figured it out with the one you love.



*To the ones that don’t lose it, congrats, you’ve got it all figured out. No sarcasm.

**Hopefully it wasn’t settling, or else you’re screwed.

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