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Short stories and erotic poems, here.

Tangled Web 

When you think of her you’re wondering how.

To touch her skin, you’re wanting it now.

Pulling off her skirt, without a sound.

Ripping through her panties and sinking down.
Many moons with sultry thoughts.

Purchasing visions that memories bought. 

Hoping that it isn’t all for naught.

Such a fly to the spider, and the fly is caught.


I’ve been dreaming again. This time you weren’t there.

But the thought of you was,

something in the air.

The desire to discover,

the fire of another.

Ascension from the covers.

Uncertainty in a lover.

Oh the confusion of thought.

The despair love has brought.

The smiles last a while,

but it’s the thrill that is sought.


Feeling Myself

Between my legs, I can feel the thirst.

Juicy and wet, about to burst.

Always cumming on time, when I cum first.

Gliding through my lips, fingers submersed.

Pleasing myself, no worry for another.

My hands do the trick, for my clit – they smother.

Rocking back & forth with a gentle pressure.

Taking the short way home, for the long measure.

What joy – what passion, such momentary bliss.

Finishing on my own without starting with a kiss.

Rainy Daze

Rain soaked streets.
You and I between the sheets.

With you between my legs.
And me beginning to beg.

Enjoying the wait. Rarely sudden.
Anxious for the thunder below your belly button.

Feeling you rise, while I slide you inside.

My heart is thumping as the headboard goes bumping.

Absorbing one another.
Like the rain to the puddles.

Caught in love under a wet and warm haze.
Who says playing hookie is only for snow days?


Stranger At A Glance

I noticed her before she knew I was there.

Blonde strands billowing. So unaware.

Maybe it was the uncertainty in her stare.

Or the way the curls swirled in her hair.

Knees buckling weak, I needed a chair,

when her eyes met mine to my dispair..

I felt she felt nothing. There was no flare.

Until she smiled the brightest grin, breath of fresh air.

Heart thumping wildly, jazzy drum snare.

Smile back you idiot! Do I dare?

Passing with a flash, I trip. Beware!

Tumbling over myself, red cheeks – embarrassed squared.

There goes my chance, so unfair.

Now my bus is approaching can’t stop to glare –

at the crack in the sidewalk, that made my feet impaired.

Glancing back quickly, and out of nowhere.

She flailed and shouted, “I have your bus fare!”

A turn of events as I turn back to prepare,

my slew of sloppy words against a quiet cupid’s prayer.

I think it was granted, though I can’t really compare.

Cause after I asked her out she said, “Until then, take care.”






Kiss Me

Kiss me so tender, with lips that delight.
A kiss to remember, my heart takes flight.

A kiss that is nothing but purest bliss.
A kiss that is something more than this.

So kiss me again, and breathe me deep.
Kiss me unfringed, as my body weeps.

Kiss me in the dark, without making a sound.
Kiss me in my heart, like forever is now.



Stella & The Chair

Stella opened the door to the dark room. Her hand still on the knob, she enters with an exhale. Stella hadn’t felt excitement like this in a very long time.

She could see the chair in the distance. It was waiting for her to place her warm ass upon it… and wait.

She gripped the knob tighter before releasing it and closing the door. It was quiet. Cold. Nothing but the chill in the air and a constant dripping from the rain outside.

Stella wondered where he was. Maybe he was already there. Watching her. She couldn’t feel him though. As she approached the chair she began to undress, leaving a trail of forgotten garments in her wake. Finally pulling off her panties, Stella began thinking of all the ways she’ll be pleasured later. Soon.

Her nipples were hard against the slight winter breeze. There was a broken window from their last encounter. It was a wild one with their hungry warm bodies against the cold pane glass. The thought gave Stella a cozy chill. She stared at the chair contemplating touching herself. She wanted to wait for him, but maybe she shouldn’t keep herself waiting.

She circled the chair gently, her fingers dancing lightly on the back of it. It was a simple chair. Nothing much to it. Stella liked the sturdy, thick wood. The sound it would make when she’d thrust and the wooden legs would knock against the concrete floor. Or the fap sound of her bare, wet ass slapping the slightly contoured seat. Yeah, she remembered it all. And she wanted it all over again.

Stella swallowed hard, fighting the urge to put her fingers between her legs. She felt a heartbeat in her clitoris growing wilder and wilder. And with some sucking and nibbling of her bottom lip, she sat slowly and began to chain her ankles up to the attachments placed at the bottom of the chair.

The chains were cold steel against her heated hands, but the ankle cuffs were soft, fuzzy, and red. There was enough chain for her legs to spread as wide as he could get them. Or as high. Sometimes the chains would slap against her entire body, like parallel strokes teasing her canvas.
Stella was lusting heavy. She wanted him to arrive and cure her of the firery desire that enfolded her body.

She removed the blindfold from its Velcro home, under the chair and placed it over her eyes. The chains were making a quiet clanking sound, arousing Stella’s memories once again.
Oh how wet she got when she could hear nothing but the sounds of her own moans and the loud rattling of chains against the chair. She loved it when he fucked her that hard. Her knees would be sore, but it was an erotic reminder that Stella wore proudly. Sometimes even kneeling on them while she masturbated for enhanced pleasure.

The last memory sent Stella’s fingers rushing to her anxious pussy. With her index and middle finger circling her opening counter clockwise, and her thumb giving a loving stroke to her clit, she realeased a hungry sigh.

At that moment she heard him speak, “Bad girl.”

Stella’s head jolted straight.

“No one gave you permission…” he said with his voice coming closer.

Stella’s breathing got heavier as she felt him draw near. With the blindfold on she could only hear where he was, and that turned her on very much.
The waiting. The yearning. The fact that he had waited for her; Spicer! Nothing else mattered to Stella when she was in that chair. Even the dripping outside seemed to cease. All she felt was him. All she wanted was him.

She licked her lips preparing to speak, but he silenced her with a soft ‘Ssh’. She couldn’t hear his foot steps anymore, but certainly still felt the power of his sexual presence. Stella wondered what he would do to her first. Maybe some licking between her legs until she begged for him to finish her. Maybe some teasing. It all was teasing to her. From the moment she would leave the chair to the moment she returned back to it. To him.   Like an excited school girl, she sat patiently but would fidget in the chair.

And then, his warm breath crept over her left clavicle. Her hairs rose to attention. And then the warm bath of his tongue stretching from her shoulder to her ear, where he paused. He grabbed handcuffs from under the chair and restrained her wrists one by one. Kissing each hand as he did so. Her breath by now has turned from gentle breathing to heavy panting. She could feel the moisture between her legs building, readying the chair for the fapping sound she loved.

Stella could feel him circling her, but not touching. His air demanded attention. His thoughts she could feel inside her body, yet never knew which way he’d surprise her. She felt him kneel in front of her, sliding the cold chains around her shins. His soothing breath drew closer to the inside of her knees, traveling down the hallway of her thighs.

“You’re mine now.”



Sexy Whispers

Feel my breath, as I say these words to you.
Raising your hairs, making you come unglued.

I can feel your warmth, so close to your skin.
I want to stain you in my red lips, and cover you in my sin.

Hear these words, but feel them too.
The lust beckoning inside of me and you.

I’ll take your hand so you can feel me wet.
Remember these words, don’t ever forget.

I want to touch you too, and return the heat given.
All steamy-eyed and completely sex-driven.

Full fourplay in the house of your Sexy Institution.
Pleasuring you always–that’s every New Year’s Resolution.

Lets Play

Lets play around in bed,
I want to feel your fingers take me.
Opening eyes with a cloudy head,
that’s how I like for you to wake me.

Fiddle and a faddle,
with my lovely lady parts.
Too early for the paddle,
and for breaking hearts.

Lets play within the sheets,
never growing tired.
Faster my heart beats,
with overwhelming desire.

You’ve got me where you want me,
and what a lovely place it is.
Set out with the intention to haunt me,
and claiming me as his.

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