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March 2016

Apollonia Saintclair



I’ve only just recently discovered this incredible, sexually charged artist; Apollonia Saintclair is her name and capturing erotic movement is her game.

With just a simple pen, she creates genital-swelling pieces that make you wanna run home and molest your lover. {Or maybe find the closest bathroom so you can molest yourself  ;)}


Recently releasing “Erotic Synergy” – her book featuring 33 of her realistic drawings, Apollonia has lots to show for sexual pleasure. Available here, possibly a conversation stimulator for the coffee table?


“In ‘Erotic Synergy’ we look primarily to highlight women’s, and also non-binary gendered people’s, perspectives of erotic engagement. We selected short stories and poems that evoke a range of different scenarios and roles that people desire, dominate, experiment with and/or to which they actively submit. Most stories depart from heteronormative behaviors and beliefs to explore nonconformist ways a person can be in an erotic context. ‘Erotic Synergy’ is a literary and visual playground of many secret fantasies, which only a few of us have actually dared to experience.”
So go on!   Sex Sez approved.


I’ve been dreaming again. This time you weren’t there.

But the thought of you was,

something in the air.

The desire to discover,

the fire of another.

Ascension from the covers.

Uncertainty in a lover.

Oh the confusion of thought.

The despair love has brought.

The smiles last a while,

but it’s the thrill that is sought.


Feeling Myself

Between my legs, I can feel the thirst.

Juicy and wet, about to burst.

Always cumming on time, when I cum first.

Gliding through my lips, fingers submersed.

Pleasing myself, no worry for another.

My hands do the trick, for my clit – they smother.

Rocking back & forth with a gentle pressure.

Taking the short way home, for the long measure.

What joy – what passion, such momentary bliss.

Finishing on my own without starting with a kiss.

Too Soon For Love?

 Dear Sex Sez,

When is it too soon to tell someone you love them?



Dear Curiouso,

Honestly I’m not sure it ever really is too soon. It’s a strong emotion, and the word has gotten tossed around casually, but if you’re a secure person that knows yourself and how your mind (and heart) works – why not express it? You should obviously assess the situation before spouting it out. Then again, that works for certain people.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I’m all about saying what I feel. Within reason, of course! Don’t wanna be hurting anyone’s feelings. Let your heart be your guide. As cheesy as that sounds, it works when you stop thinking so much and just.. Do. Or in youor case; Say. When your heart speaks, listen. It knows what it’s doing.

– JJ // Sex Sez

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