I noticed her before she knew I was there.

Blonde strands billowing. So unaware.

Maybe it was the uncertainty in her stare.

Or the way the curls swirled in her hair.

Knees buckling weak, I needed a chair,

when her eyes met mine to my dispair..

I felt she felt nothing. There was no flare.

Until she smiled the brightest grin, breath of fresh air.

Heart thumping wildly, jazzy drum snare.

Smile back you idiot! Do I dare?

Passing with a flash, I trip. Beware!

Tumbling over myself, red cheeks – embarrassed squared.

There goes my chance, so unfair.

Now my bus is approaching can’t stop to glare –

at the crack in the sidewalk, that made my feet impaired.

Glancing back quickly, and out of nowhere.

She flailed and shouted, “I have your bus fare!”

A turn of events as I turn back to prepare,

my slew of sloppy words against a quiet cupid’s prayer.

I think it was granted, though I can’t really compare.

Cause after I asked her out she said, “Until then, take care.”