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February 2016

Rainy Daze

Rain soaked streets.
You and I between the sheets.

With you between my legs.
And me beginning to beg.

Enjoying the wait. Rarely sudden.
Anxious for the thunder below your belly button.

Feeling you rise, while I slide you inside.

My heart is thumping as the headboard goes bumping.

Absorbing one another.
Like the rain to the puddles.

Caught in love under a wet and warm haze.
Who says playing hookie is only for snow days?


Stranger At A Glance

I noticed her before she knew I was there.

Blonde strands billowing. So unaware.

Maybe it was the uncertainty in her stare.

Or the way the curls swirled in her hair.

Knees buckling weak, I needed a chair,

when her eyes met mine to my dispair..

I felt she felt nothing. There was no flare.

Until she smiled the brightest grin, breath of fresh air.

Heart thumping wildly, jazzy drum snare.

Smile back you idiot! Do I dare?

Passing with a flash, I trip. Beware!

Tumbling over myself, red cheeks – embarrassed squared.

There goes my chance, so unfair.

Now my bus is approaching can’t stop to glare –

at the crack in the sidewalk, that made my feet impaired.

Glancing back quickly, and out of nowhere.

She flailed and shouted, “I have your bus fare!”

A turn of events as I turn back to prepare,

my slew of sloppy words against a quiet cupid’s prayer.

I think it was granted, though I can’t really compare.

Cause after I asked her out she said, “Until then, take care.”






Strength of Seduction

Have you ever heard the saying, “The couple that works-out together, stays together”? Probably not until now, and boy what a way to stay together!

Passed along by a friend of mine, I was introduced to MM Fitness’s  Strength of Seduction – The modern couple’s guide to maintaining intimacy through fitness!
Talk about getting hot and heavy…


I had a similar idea some years ago to invent “Sex Aerobics” but never executed it, so this DVD certainly appeals to me. What better way to bond with your spouse than improving your physical health together, all while (re)developing sensual intimacy? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Micha Morgan has blended soft exercises, or isometrics with seductive and suggestive moves. The sexual tension alone should be enough to make you want to complete the work-out before moving onto “extra curriculum activities”.

I say give it a shot, we can all stand to be a little tighter around the waist side and at least this way you can have someone to laugh with while you do so. I know I’m going to check out the Strength of Seduction and let you guys know how it is. Order your very own here and give me feedback.

“Sweat baby, sweat baby. Sex is a Texas drought…”

Bad, Sex Sez.

Where in the world is Sex Sez?


Relocating takes time and effort. But mostly time. One might say I’ve been a bit.. DeLAID. Huh? Huh?! *Ahem*

Now that I’m settled & back on the right side of the country, I can return to focusing on all my little erotic writings. How have my naughties been?
Instagram has once again deleted my account. Third time’s the charm — they win. I’m strictly a Tumblr doll now. Follow me there at Sex-Sez.

Thank you for still visiting Sex Sez and continuing to show love during my absence. Truly appreciated! Also will have responses and advice questions answered shortly.

Tank Q, once again.


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