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December 2015

Sexy Whispers

Feel my breath, as I say these words to you.
Raising your hairs, making you come unglued.

I can feel your warmth, so close to your skin.
I want to stain you in my red lips, and cover you in my sin.

Hear these words, but feel them too.
The lust beckoning inside of me and you.

I’ll take your hand so you can feel me wet.
Remember these words, don’t ever forget.

I want to touch you too, and return the heat given.
All steamy-eyed and completely sex-driven.

Full fourplay in the house of your Sexy Institution.
Pleasuring you always–that’s every New Year’s Resolution.

Intercourse “Inside” Scoop

We’ve all seen how sex works and looks on the outside, but have you ever wondered how it looks on the inside?

IFLScience has given us an inside look at exactly what goes on that feels so good. NSFW, but then again, nothing on this site is. 😉

Check it out here. It’s worth the arousal.

Lets Play

Lets play around in bed,
I want to feel your fingers take me.
Opening eyes with a cloudy head,
that’s how I like for you to wake me.

Fiddle and a faddle,
with my lovely lady parts.
Too early for the paddle,
and for breaking hearts.

Lets play within the sheets,
never growing tired.
Faster my heart beats,
with overwhelming desire.

You’ve got me where you want me,
and what a lovely place it is.
Set out with the intention to haunt me,
and claiming me as his.

Move On

Dear Sex Sez,

I’m a broke, recently heartbroken guy who can’t seem to get over my last girlfriend. She was perfect in every way and I doubt I’ll be able to find someone who makes me feel half as good as she did. I just want to know what I can do to get over her. I can’t meet anyone new if I don’t go out, and I don’t go out because I can’t afford to. Tried the online thing, no luck plus its awkward and costly.

Want To Move On


Dear Want To Move On,

Getting over people is definitely one of the harder things to do in life. You grow with someone, and unfortunately sometimes that can lead to one person growing in a different direction. All you can do in situations like this is try to move on. How do you do that? “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone.” While that saying may seem promiscuous to some, it’s certainly affective. Sleeping with someone new may not fill the heart void of emptiness, but it takes the mind off of the problem*, and builds new confidence in the process.

I know in order to sleep with a new girl, you must take them out and buy them dinner — why don’t you try some of the Trendy hook-up sites? Have fun with it, not every experience merits awkwardness. Try to be natural, people on those sites are looking for the same thing you are usually. Remember that.

If casual sex and random hook-ups doesn’t help you forget about your ex, try getting a hobby. It sounds silly but a new hobby can really take on a life of its own and maybe even point you in a direction to meet new people who have similar interests. Good luck and remember; not every relationship is the final one. There are several levels to beat before reaching Bowzer. 😉


*for the moment at least.


JJ // Sex Sez

Off Your Feet

Falling from your eyes, I trace the trail down.

Wandering along your seams and wanting you now.

Feel the folds of my flesh, the warmth of my lips.

Gasping you into me with a twist of my hips.

What a calming rush coming over me.

So over the moon for you, in such love, overly.

My waves of desire crashing upon your shores.

My swiveling waist signaling for more.

Restrain me if you must, but I’m going to push deep.

Straddle you like a cowboy and fuck you off your feet.


Relationships 101

After a recent conversation with a friend I began wondering what it is about being in relationships that people MUST HAVE! I get it, the coziness, the love, the sex, the intimacy are just a few. But some of the reasons I hear from people aren’t real reasons at all.

I’m a Happy-Go-Lucky sorta gal, so maybe that’s why my outlook is somewhat sunny, but most people who are just your runofthemill cynics have pretty sad reasons for wanting to be involved, if they know their reasons at all.

“‘Cause, why would I wanna be alone?” // “You get sex on the daily!” // “I dunno, ’cause that’s what people do…?”

Life can’t be this dense… {smh}

I created a simple list. It’s just ten little points of what I consider healthy and unhealthy for relationships. See where you draw your line in the sand.



1) You inspire growth in each other.
2) You bring out each others’ best qualities.
3) You’re both open to change within the relationship.
4) You both practice true intimacy together.
5) You allow individuality within your relationship.
6) Neither of you attempt changing or controlling the other.
7) You both welcome affection & closeness.
8) You both find pleasure in giving & receiving.
9) You each have individual high self-esteem.
10) You’re both respectful or the others wishes.


1) You’re afraid to let go or be away from your spouse.
2) You look to your spouse for self-esteem or validation.
3) Belittling or frequent power struggles.
4) Feeling consumed by the relationship or person.
5) Fear of committing or communicating.
6) No intimacy.
7) Little to no personal growth.
8) Continuous negative feelings or yearning for more.
9) Fear of being alone.
10) Attempting to gain emotional care by giving other things.


Insecurity, Stinky Perfume

Dear Sex Sez,

Shoud I worry about my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl if he laughs at everything she says? Anytime we hang out and she’s around it’s like he doesn’t pay me any mind. They don’t see each other often and she’s a family friend, so I thought maybe the history makes them close, but he doesn’t even invite me in their conversations.

Worried Girlfriend


Dear Worried Girlfriend,

I believe you solved your own problem. It’s good that you’ve acknowledge obvious points that explain why he and her have such a bond; family friends go way back. Added to the fact that they don’t see each other a lot, you’re going to end up being excluded from time to time. While I’m not condoning the behavior of cutting people out of conversations, you do have responsibility as an adult to get yourself involved as well. Or, you can respect their relationship and give them some time to catch up. Trust is a big deal, and if your guy knows that you’re giving him personal space with his long time friend, (male or female) I’m sure he’ll be appreciative.  Instead of thinking he’s cheating on you, focus on why you think that in the first place. Maybe you feel insecure or inferior around this woman because of the attention she gets from your boyfriend. Think about it this way; if they wanted to be together, don’t you think it would’ve happened by now – them being life long friends and all? They obviously don’t have those feelings for each other. You have him, own it. Confidence is the best outfit one can ever wear.

JJ / Sex Sez

5 Tools For Making It Last

Relationships. What does it all mean? Monogamy and commitment and everything else that comes in between; it can be a headache, a heartbreak or even a bit of both. When we find that special someone that puts all of our fears to bed and rescues our sense of belonging it can feel like sacrifice is always worth it. But what happens when sacrifice and compromise doesn’t feel worth it anymore?

We all lose the excitement once deep in a relationship*, there’s no surprise there. The trick is to remind yourself of why. Why you chose that person**, why you fell in love with that person and why it’s worth staying with that person.

It’s important for committed people to remember the factors. It’s also important to remember and think of ways to keep the relationship happy and thriving. New adventures, new projects, relationship building. It doesn’t always have to feel like a chore. Reinvent yourself together! Fall back in love.
When we think about long-term commitment, what do we think of?

1) Trust – Believe in your spouse to maintain the love & affection they have for you. Doubt will creep occasionally, but that’s why trust is such an important issue. (Helps if you keep things new & fresh, which brings us to #2)

2) Excitement & Enticement – Got to keep things interesting and fresh. Going out more, starting new hobbies together, just switching it up in general breeds excitement (or anxiety depending on youor spouse) and will take you both away from the monotony of everyday life.

3) Remember – Remember the love that brought you together and that will be the love that keeps you together. It can even transform into different types of love, settling back with the most powerful love of all; togetherness.

4) Respect – Whether you understand or not, you have to respect that the person you chose for your life needs your support. Without it conflicting directly to your wants and needs, you have to decide when compromise is necessary. (Notso-new-NEWSFLASH: It isn’t always when it’s most convenient for you either.)

5) Openess – Without #4, you most likely won’t get far with this one. If your spouse doesn’t feel like they have your respect, they probably won’t share with you as openly their emotions and what they’re thinking.

Sure, there are other rules and laws to live by when it comes to love, but I do believe these five are the basic ones.

Trust in your love story, keep things fun & fresh, remember how & why you fell for one another, respect your spouse and be open about your emotions. Relationships can be really fun once you’ve figured it out with the one you love.



*To the ones that don’t lose it, congrats, you’ve got it all figured out. No sarcasm.

**Hopefully it wasn’t settling, or else you’re screwed.

2nd Opinion/2nd Chance

Dear  Sex Sez,

Am I allowed to date my friend’s ex if they dated for a year two years ago? She broke up with him, sort of/not really broke his heart, but he’s happy and engaged to someone else now.

Second Opinion

Dear Second Opinion,

Thanks for including who left who, because I would’ve wondered and probably asked. It feels like a weird math equation, but what I think it all equals to is; Yes, why not? Life is short and if you and this girl found your way around to meeting each other again, a failed relationship from the past shouldn’t stand in your way. Depending on how close of friends you are with this guy, maybe run it by him. Not in a manner where you’re asking his permission, (since he’s engaged he really shouldn’t have much of a say), but more of an informative manner. Try to be sensitive since she was the one to leave him, and hope no bitter feelings linger. If he’s truly over her, he should be fine. Good luck.

–JJ / Sex Sez

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