Sex Sez…



November 2015

Wit & Lust

Making up the reasons to let you go.

From invaded thoughts, to the bitter unknown.

Sexual tension tightening around my neck.

Tightening in your pants, for your passion it reflects.

Lets match wits & blaze in this fire.

Grabbing my tits & fueling my desire.

Wetting my lobes with curious kisses.

A lust so thirsty I’ve considered being your Mrs.

Take me to the clouds, fuck me high above.

‘Cause if lust allows, my pussy is in love.

The Middle

Search my body, maybe you’ll find something you like.

Feeling the heat and the tension in the room spike.

We both know it’s true, we both are aware.

You gave it all away with your sexy-sultry stare.

So who shall it be? Who makes the first move?

He vs. She, and the one to break will lose.

Or win in such a way, depends on how you view it.

Mental game of chess, both opponents want to do it.

Adults like kids, complexity within the riddle.

Lets do the mature thing and meet right in the middle.

…of my legs. 😉

Confused & Casual

Dear Sex Sez,

My best guy friend is seeing a girl that wants to wait until marriage to have sex. She’s sweet, but very out of touch with reality. He isn’t the type to wait very long for sex and it’s been six months already, yet he hasn’t cheated on her and has been patient. Right up until recently. He’s been telling me how he feels like he’s going to crack soon and I jokingly suggested he and I have a couple rounds in bed to take the edge off. We’ve always had some sexual tension, as I’m a pretty attractive girl and we’ve known each other for years now. I get the feeling he’s interested in my offer, but what happens if we fall for each other? Am I a bad person for even mentioning it? It really was half joking and half serious but now I don’t know which half is more true.

Confused & Casual Sex

Dear Confused & Casual,

Having had a majority of male friends in my life, I understand how sexual tension can arise from time to time. You have to put sexual tension in its place and ask yourself would your friendship survive the casual sex? How would you feel if you two crossed that line and he DIDN’T fall for you? Are you the type of girl that can go back to being just friends? What about being around the girlfriend afterwards? These are just things to consider, which I’m sure you have. I wish I knew a little more about the players in this equation, but going off instincts I’m going to say until you’re more certain about which half you meant, the truth or the joke, don’t make a move on him. And you shouldn’t allow him to make a move on you either until you’re sure.

If your friend is the type of guy not to wait long for sex, the fact that he has waited 6 months or is at least trying to stay celibate for his girlfriend must mean that he likes her, no? You shouldn’t mess with that. I get the wanting to ease his sexual yearning and maybe even scratch that curiosity itch, but if his yearning isn’t for you all you’re being is a temporary distraction, a temporary void for which he will fill. Is you friendship strong enough to fight through the potential awkwardness if you made this choice?

Frisky Friday

Friday is upon us! And what better way to celebrate a Friday than adult beverages and casual sex?!

I got the talking last night with some people about their early twenties and how casual sex has changed over the decades. Me being at the prime age of 30, got me reflecting on my sex life ten years ago. Has casual sex changed? Or is it simply our perspective that has changed? With my single days behind me and nearly four years in a committed relationship, I’m still a cheerleader for casual sex. As long as you’re being safe and respectful, why not? Kids play with various toys all the time, even sharing their toys. As adults, I don’t feel like we should have it any different. Play well with others, play with a friend, invite a friend — whatever floats your boat, right? Maybe…

As it turns out, the older some people get the farther away from their past actions they get, forgetting & forgoing the thrill of sexual youth. “Casual sex sure was different in MY day.” A lot of things were different, doesn’t make it wrong. Just makes it different. You can’t tell me people weren’t wife swapping in the 60’s or even way before then. Sure, it was more hushed than it is these days, but it still happened. With help from swingers sites and other sexually curious .com’s, sexual preference is wild and thriving!

Sexual openness is the key to unlock the door to erotic pleasure. Sometimes it takes a few throes in the sack to find that right person who can please you the way you like. And as my mama always said, “Practice makes perfect” … it certainly does.

Too many people shy away from what gives them sexual pleasure. Whether it’s a fear of being denied or judged, unless you have trust and sexual openness, chances are your partner has things he or she may want to try. So someone bite the bullet and get kinky damnit!

Have fun. Be safe, be fun, be happy.

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