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September 2015

The Want

It makes it hard to concentrate. Replaying visions that only exist in my head.

The anxious possibility. The lonely reality.

It consumes me, eating me for breakfast & savoring me for dinner.

Never free.

Even in slumber it comes for me.

Enfolding logic. Releasing desire.

It comes at any time—all times.

Whether it’s summoned or not.

Lapping with its black tongue & golden smile.

Soft eyes thats buried its intentions.

Pulling me in again for the wrath of ‘letting go’.

It’s what It wants, what It thrives for.

We aren’t that different;  It and I.

Too Soon-BDSM

Dear Sex Sez,

I’m a woman who likes BDSM. I got into it with a ex and have loved it ever since (DOM). I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month, we’ve been intimate almost right away and I want to start some kinky stuff now. Is it too soon? He’s a little vanilla, What if it scares him off? 

Dear BDSMadam,

What’s too soon for a relationship varies from person to person. If only there were a handbook–but let’s face it, people like us probably would break the rules of said handbook anyhow–some may consider a month too soon for intimacy, others believe if you feel the chemistry there isn’t a need to wait. With that said, the same goes for introducing BDSM or any other kink into your relationship. How vanilla is he? The kind who is open for sexual molding? The kind who is uncomfortable with any sort of change? Figure this out by easing something new into your sex life or casual conversation. You mentioned that you’re a Dom, does your partner have the sort of personality to be your Sub? I realize I’ve given more questions than answers–write back w/ more info. Until then, break out some restraints and blindfolds, leave the whip & ballgag in the chest–don’t wanna frighten the poor boy, see how he reacts. Tell him how much it turns you on and encourage openness. Hopefully your vanilla beau will become rocky road by weeks end. 😉

-J // Sex Sez

Touch Yourself

Without completely breaking out into the 1991 hit by The Divinyls*, masturbation has gotten a bad rap for long enough! Religion and politics have no place in the bedroom and should be kicked out… unless yo’re into that sort of thing. 😉

Without further adieu, I give you MY list of why masturbation is good for you physically & mentally;

1) Makes you comfortable with your own body.

Touching yourself can lead to higher confidence and a strengthening of self-care & self-worth. Knowing what you want and how your body works will also help you communicate that to your partner, which leads to strengthening your romantic relationship. 

2) Definite stress reliver. 

Masturbating increases blood flow to your brain and to your reproductive organs, easing headaches and cramps alike. It also forces you to focus on acheiving orgasm, which takes your mind of off any stressful situations that may be going on in your life, at least temporarily. 

3) Helps maintain stamina if you’re having a dry spell.

Keeping your sexual stamina is important when you aren’t actively practicing with a partner. You always want to be ready for the big game. Masturbating helps keep that sexual energy up, and it keeps your reproductive tissues flexible and healthy. Nobody want a dormant lay, so practice up buckaroo! 

4) Helps you sleep deeper. 

That  “I don’t want to do anything but sleep” feeling after you climax is attributed to the flood of endorphins (we mention below on #5) released when you cum. They promote heavier sleep and deep REM. 

5) Free doses of endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine.

A 2009 University of Michigan study states, orgasms cause the body to release dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin–the “love & bonding” hormones. The boost of these hormones, then lowers the main stress level; cortisol. So there ya go. It’s science!

6) For Women: Reduces cramps during menstration/ For Men: Improves sperm quality.

W) See #2    M) Masturbation improves sperm quality because there’s less motility issues and DNA damage with fresh sperm. 

7) It keeps your sexual imagination active & healthy.

Good masturbation, whether you watch porn or use your imagination, will usually lead to sexual thoughts throughout the day; daydreams even. It releases testosterone and basically lights and keeps a small fire burning until you can have that sensual release again. Anticipation leads to amazing orgasms. 

8) It feels absolutely incredible. 

Who DOESN’T enjoy a good orgasm?! Playing with a partner or if it’s brought on by your own hand or toy; it feels good. The sexual exploration of self is a fun experience and should be kept as so. There is no shame in touching yourself. It’s safe, it’s exciting and it gives your whole body a thrill. 

Viva la self-love and play nice out there. 😉

Mutual masturbation is also fun. Get creative.
Mutual masturbation is also fun. Get creative.

*I am aware that the title is “I Touch Myself” :-p

OT in the Office

He looked forward to seeing her every morning. When she’d walk into his office and deliver the mail, occasionally having something witty to say about the weather or maybe the latest pop culture news. He didn’t care much about the things that came out of her mouth, but it did draw attention to the things he’d been wanting to put into her mouth.

She wasn’t that much younger than him, in fact, he found out her age the previous month while carefully breezing it into conversation with Jim, a friend of Frank, who once dated her. Her. Her name was Carol. Such a dull name for someone with so much sexual potential, he thought. He wondered why their relationship ended, and convinced himself it was Frank’s lack of sexual prowess that was the cause. Someone that callus wouldn’t have the patience needed to properly please a girl like that, he considered. Maybe that’s why he was so drawn to her. He could feel her unmet needs through the piles of papers and the thick oak wood of his desk. It attacked his energy when she was around. He wanted to be the one to please her, to make her moan with closed lips that separated for succulent kisses.

He could see it all. The way it would begin, the way she’d climax during the climax of their sexual time together, and the way it would end: him kissing her neck gently before rising from the desk and asking her to leave. Cut and dry. He liked it that way.

Something in him wondered if it would be different with her. Carol. He wondered why he was pondering on such an emotion, then quickly shook it from his mind. And as if summoned by his thoughts alone, Carol walks in with her daily smile and tender eyes.

“Good morning, Mr. Mesner!” she said.

“Good morning! Good morning, how’re you today?” he asked, remembering his last thoughts of her.

“Oh you know, over worked and under-paid,” she smiled, “I’m so busy here I doubt I’ll be able to even go to the company mixer tonight.”

“Company mixer?” he started, “I had no idea. I guess that’s what I get for being anti-social, huh?”

He noticed that she leafed over the “M” section twice already. He began wondering if she enjoyed these mornings as much as he did. The daily ritual became like his coffee. Everything seemed brighter after Carol came.

“I suppose so,” she smiles, “You should really try to go if you aren’t stuck here like me.”

“Well why aren’t you going?” he asks.

“CAT Reports are due in early and my acqauintance has been dropping the ball. So yours truly gets to clean up the mess whilst my social life circles the drain.”

Even when you’re being bitter it’s adorable. Adorable in the ‘I want to bend you over and ram you’ sort of sense.  Carol hands the mail to him and he grabs it licking his lips. He notices her eyes drop and focus on the action. She blushes and blinks quickly with a nervous grin.

Swallowing sheepishly, “I’m grateful though, of course, to ya know, even have a job–”

He cuts her off sharply, “I’ll tell you what, I’m familiar with the CATS. I’ll help you knock them out and we can go to this mixer or whatever together.”

Carol blushes as she stares at him with excitement.

“What do you think,” he asks, “They still have it at the same place; down the street a ways right?”

She nods with a smile, looking over her well-organized mail.

“I mean, I’m not trying to impose my lonely presence upon you,” he said with a smile. “We’d be going as colleagues, of course.”

“Oh, of course, I didn’t–” she stumbled, “I wasn’t… I mean, you’re–Jesus Christ!”

Carol covered her forehead in a bashful way, as he stood with a chuckle.

“There’s still about six or so hours left in the work day,” he says casually, “Whatever you don’t complete, you can just transfer up here and we’ll slam it out.”

Carol shakes her head with a grateful smile.

“Thank you so much, sir. I truly appreciate it. You have no idea how much time you’re saving me by helping.”

“Sure I do,” he says, “probably about three nights worth of overtime?”

“That’s pretty accurate.” she smiles.

He couldn’t help but notice how her eyes glistened when she spoke to him. Do they glows  like this for everyone? Or is it only me? He wonders on what he would need to do to make them glow even brighter. To make them glisten. Maybe right before she climaxes, her eyes give the brightest glow. There’s a moment where he thinks he won’t be able to stop himself from lunging over the desk, when Frank walks pass and pops his head in.

“Hey-hey Mesner! Hey sweet thang! What’s shaking?” says Franks with a careless attitude.

Carol rolls her eyes and begins shuffling her cart around to exit.

“Hey, how’re you Frank? Uh, Carol, so,” he trails off scattered, “If you want the help, I’d be glad to.”

“Thanks,” she smiles and begins to leave until Frank stops her.

“You going to the mixer tonight? Need a date? I mean, I’m going stag but we can leave together. I mean, there–leave there together.” he chuckles and looks at Mr. Mesner for approval.

Frank and him weren’t equals or on the same level of accomplishment or responsibilities, but they worked on the same floor and attended the same grad school. More or less, they were colleagues. He had a hard time wrapping his mind around why he disliked Frank so much, until he focused his eyes on Carol’s ever plump ass walking away from him.

And there it was. He envied Frank. Frank had had Carol and he hadn’t. Frank had kissed her lips and felt her breath close to him. Frank had seen what’s underneath of her clothes, he’s touched her bare skin in all the inappropriate areas he had been wanting to touch her.

“You feeling alright Mesner?” Frank asked.

Carol turned to observe his facial expression. She gave a slight smile, which brought him back to reality. Snapping out of it, he begins to respond to Frank.

“Yeah, sorry. Trailed off there for a second.”

“Alright then,” Frank begins to leave, “I’ll see you around man. Carol, sent you an email lovely.”

Carol murmurs something inaudible under her breath then wheels the mail cart in Frank’s opposite direction, mouthing “I hate him” to Mr. Mesner before continuing out of eye sight. He smirks, turns and walks back to his desk with the smile still painted on his lips.

At his desk, his eyes fall on the clock. Something about the red LED lights, something about time. All leading back to her. Carol. He wasn’t quite sure how she had found herself in his mind constantly, but she was there. Living and thriving. What IS the obsession? he wondered. This can’t just be some macho shit about having what Frank has had. We weren’t even rivals in grad school. And what is the email Frank sent Carol about?

It wasn’t even 10 a.m., but he rolled his chair around and reached for his Dewar’s Scotch. He poured two fingers of the golden whisky into his crystal rocks glass and sipped slowly. He thought about how he could work the questions into their future conversation. ‘So, how did you and Frank hook up?’ No, too casual. ‘How did a sweet girl like you end up with an ass like that?’ Too cheesy. ‘Frank… what a weird guy huh?’  He let the smokey taste of the Scotch sting his pallet as he contemplated further on the matter.


5:40 rolled around and still no sign of her. He began to wonder if her acquaintance had come through to help her afterall. The thought displeased him, he wanted to be the one to assist her. Her. Carol. Even during a mid-day buzz and after fine sushi he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was about her that drove him so wild. All he knew is that he wanted those legs to be wrapped around him. He wanted her lips on his cock, and he wanted to feel how she tastes.

And just as before, just as always, it seemed to him, she knocked lightly on the side of his door before appearing. Her hair seemed weathered, she must’ve been working really hard today. That turned him on. He appreciates someone who works for what they believe in–even though he was certain there was more to Carol than just mail–he appreciated that she wasn’t a slacker.

“Sorry I’m late,” she started

Nope, you are right on time.

“I got caught up in work politics. ‘When Being Polite Goes Wrong'” she joked as she slammed the files on an adjacent desk in the corner.

He stands to greet her, letting his pen slip through his fingers as his eyes catch her bare shoulders. He could tell she must’ve been hot at some point recently, since the cardigan she usually wears wasn’t on her. The tank she wore had spaghetti straps that criss-crossed on her back. He wanted to uncross them and rip the tank top from her skin. Reveal her modest breasts and ravage them.

“Well ya can’t go wrong with this polite guy.” he said, immediately regretting his corny words.

Carol smiles and approaches him head on, no papers in her hands, no mail cart inbetween them. Just his oak desk. He couldn’t recall a time she was just there without something to clutch or distract her. He liked it. Steady eye contact. His thoughts began to linger again, but her voice interrupted him.

“I am very grateful, sir. While I doubt we’ll finish it all in time to still attend the Mixer, at least I’ll have the rest of my evenings this week, thanks to you.”

Coming from behind his desk, “Your thanks isn’t needed. I may not be your boss, but I notice how hard you work and I appreciate that. I like that in a woman–um, a worker.”

He clears his throat diffidently.

“Excuse me. Sorry about that.”

“Godamn those Freudian slips, huh sir?” she says with a brow lifted and slight grin.

He squinted at her playfully and tried to recover smoothly.

“We may be here a while, have you eaten?” Holy shit, I want her.

“No,” she replied, “I was waiting to see if you were interested in delivery. So I held off.”

“Good. I’ll order us something. You a Scotch drinker? I have Peach Schnapps and Vodka also.”

Carol shrugged in a coy manner. She began to twirl the lose ends of her tank top nervously, but not breaking eye contact with him. He wasn’t sure where this sense of scattered confidence was coming from, but he liked it.

“Maybe you could mix a bit of Schnapps with some Dewar’s. Make a Sweetheart,” she said softly, “I like those.”

He felt his heart spike. He’d never felt her energy like this. She felt different, certain. Yet familiar and distant. What was happening? He had to break eye contact in fear of consuming her with his firery lust. He turns and walks over to his bar to make the drinks. Carol arranges files and papers along the side of another table.

“So, I have to ask and forgive me for prying, but; you and Frank…” he trails.

Carol stops shuffling the files and exhales reflectively.

“Me and Frank,” she says letting down her hair, “Short lived. Short dick. Short sided.”

He chokes as he turns, lowering his Scotch from his lips. Carol laughs and walks over to him blushing. She grabs her drink off the marble counter.

“I was hoping you’d laugh.”

“Are you kidding me? That was brilliant. You’re…” he calms his words, “Cheers. To work politics not being so political/politically correct.”

The two clink glasses slowly, then suddenly Carol pounces. Scotch spills over the crystal, soaking their fingers and their clothes. Their lips scramble to find footing and eventually lock. She lets out a sexual whimper as her free hand grasps the back of his head. His arm finds itself wrapped around her waist, gripping the top of her skirt. Carol finds the counter and recklessly places the glass on it. He follows suit, except doesn’t find the counter and passionately lets the glass fall to the floor. The breaking of crystal didn’t deter them from lustfully devouring each other.

She gasped. He gasped. Their eyes pierced through each other like horny arrows sent straight from cupid’s dick. How long he had waited and wanted this, and finally, for it to be here. For it to be now. Her lips are like satin pillows. I can’t get inside of her quick enough.

Carol starts breathlessly, “I was rushing all day to make it back here on time.”

He kisses her again, pressing her harder against the wall, his framed acheivements falling to the floor violently.

“I needed to have you again.” she moaned, quickly undoing his belt and shoving her hand into his pants to grip his patiently waiting cock.

His eyes widen with a sexual epiphany. And there it was! The animalistic urge, the sexual tension, the cocktail choice, the seductive after-hours eyes. Her. Carol.

“My god!” she gasps, “You make me so wet.”

He had slept with her before. Whoa!  He didn’t want his shock to surprise her. Then he couldn’t help but think of how he’s never acknowledged it either. What a fucking asshole! How long ago was it? Fuckin’, THINK!

Carol nibbled at his bottom lip as she tugged gently on his dick. She pulled her hand out of his pants to losen and drop them. Their lips release one anothers’ and she stares back at him seductively. Out of breath, she spits on her hand and grabs his cock to jerk it. Fuuuucck, how could I have forgotten this? What the hell is wrong with me? How did–

“I know you probably don’t remember our first time,” she panted, “I never wanted to embarrass you by reminding… I just–I just… waited.”

Her eyes gleamed back at him with a light he faintly remembered now. Her pink lips plump from his pressing against them eagerly, parted, and waiting. She breathed quickly, causing her breasts to heave towards him.

This explained it. This explained it all. He stood there sexily disheveled, hair tossed with his dick being stroked. He wanted to remember. So he kisses her hard once again. She moans and so does he, pulling each other closer, feeling his cock against her swelling pussy.

“I just can’t place when we…”

Carol smiles knowingly. She bites her lip and with a sigh leans back agaisnt the wall. He looks at her with sexual aggression, confused and aroused.

“It was a few months back, maybe a year, I was stuck here working,” she gestures to the papers across the room.

“I came up here for files and saw your light on. I didn’t know you were here… well, you were drunk and you were jerking off. I walked in to turn your light off and turned you on instead.”

He looks at her trying to remember the hedonistic moment. Searching his mind for more, he places his fingers between her legs.

“Tell me more.” he demands as he starts moving his fingers in a circular motion on her clit.

Flushed, she continues, “You stood with your hard dick…”

“Like now?” he whispers in her ear as he licks.

“Yes!” she says breathlessly “You apologized but didn’t put it away.”

“Put what away?”

“Your dick.”

“My what?”

“Your dick! Your perfect hard dick.”

He grunted, brushing the scattered glass away and kneeled before her to pull off her panties. “Continue.”

Carol’s brows came together wantingly. He put his warm, wet tongue on her pussy-lips, widening his tongue to lap them both at once. She gasps loudly with pleasure and surprise. He loved the way she tastes.

“Continue!” he said again.

“You kissed me, and… and then you kissed my n-n-neck. Ahh I can’t take it anymore!”

She pushed him off and pulled off her top.

“You asked me if I wanted you and I did. Then we fucked,” removing her skirt, “and I’ve been wanting you even more ever since.”

He’s on the floor looking up at her, stroking his own throbbing cock.

“Just too shy, too nervous, too embarassed to say anything to you,” she removes her bra, “scared you’d regret it.”

She straddles him and inserts his dick into her with a loud moan, “Scared you’d regret me.”

His jaw hangs low with lust and surprise. He grips her perfectly round ass firmly, looking into her eyes as her pussy tightens around him.

“I regret nothing,” he assures as he thrusts deeper, “Maybe… just not tasting you sooner. Not remembering.” How could you not remember?

As they both gripped and thrusted towards each other their eyes locked, both hungry, both anxiously wanting more. He could feel her intense sense of longing and wondered if she could feel his as well. All those months of yearning, it all finally made sense now. The shy timid girl gets taken advantage of and loves it; spends the rest of her weeks masturbating and pondering on how to make it happen again. Carol begins to feel pain on her knees, they were helping her ride his now soaked dick, and they were also beginning to bleed. Some of the carelessly spilled glass had penetrated the skin on her knees.

“Ouch,” she exclaimed with pleasure.

He looks at her knees during their sexual commotion and briefly stops humping her back. He smiles for a second and stares into her lust-filled eyes. “I got a little carried away, didn’t intend for you to get hurt. Are you alright?”

Carol stares back at him for a moment and kisses him passionately. She begins to withdrawal him from her juicy womanhood. He’s still panting and hopes he hasn’t said the wrong thing.

“Pleasure isn’t pleasurable without some pain,” she says standing, “with you, it’s both.”

She climbed over him and onto his hard wood desk, spreading her legs, exposing her wet pussy. He turns to stand.

“And one shouldn’t forget the joy of understanding anothers pain.” she says with enticing eyes, “The choice to wait until you remembered, was my choice of pain, but enjoying the pain of that memory and seeing you every morning was my choice of pleasure.” She pulls him closer with her ankles at his hips.
“This, is my sexual vindication. This, is my fantasy.”

He falls over her with a heavy kiss. His hands cupping her face as her hands assist his shiny dickhead to her slippery and waiting opening. He proceeds inside of her with a thirsty grunt. As he thrusts and she holds on, papers begin to fall and slide onto the chestnut floor. He couldn’t believe how great she felt. So warm, so wet. So passionate. She had been fighting the same urge he was. Since she could recall their previous rendezvous, maybe her fight had been much harder. It would explain the force in which she was fucking him back, the hunger, the lust, the eagerness.

He thought her breasts were perfect. On the smaller side, but beautiful definition and shape. He wanted to dive into them with his face and blow. Her lips, latching onto him and pulling him in at the same time. So good. He wanted this again. And again some more. He knew there was a reason he felt so attached to her. They moved the same way. They fit. She started to clench his shirt, letting out an orgasmic shout. He placed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. Her pussy squeezed and contracted on his hard cock, forcing him to remove it as he exploded all over her grinding cunt. Carol was more than pleased with seeing the pearly trails land on her skin, warm and fresh.

He shoves his laptop aside and collapses beside her on his desk. Panting and still reeling from orgasm, he looks at her with curious, yet satisfied lust. Her eyes soften as she leans over him for a long kiss.

“You’re incredible.” he says with closed eyes.

“As are you,” she stares.

He smiles victoriously as she kisses him on the neck and rises from the desk to collect her clothes. She begins to dress when he realizes he didn’t want her to leave, just as he suspected he would’ve.

“Same time tomorrow?” she asks putting on her top, “We’ll actually have to do work though.”

“You don’t have to scurry off.”

“Now, now sir. What sort of fantasy would this be if I stayed?”

He smirks and reflectives on the irony, as she bites her bottom lip and exits happily with her sheepish smile returning. I suppose it’s my turn to obsess now. He smiles feeling the warmth from her pussy juices begin to cool on his dick. He lays his head back with a smile.  

Sucking On My Kiss

Touch me like you do, with those still warm hands.

Spreading all over me, and into my pants.

I’ve come back for more, like the waves of a raging sea.

Let your fingers explore, so you can feel how damp you’ve made me.

It never fails with you, you’re always such a giver.

Intensity from your eyes on down, your entire body aims to deliver.

Front door service, “I’m so happy you came!”

Tugging on your hair, way too fierce, so insane.

The sheets are soaked, you’re making me rain.

So much chaotic pleasure, so much sweet pain.

Nothing else on my mind, just focused on this.

Squeezing on my thighs, and sucking on my kiss.

Nice Shot Cupid


I’ve loved with an open heart & laughed with an open mind
I’ve kissed a lot of frogs, yet the prince I still can’t find.
Thought deeply on the past and have even wanted to rewind
but commence forward I do, until Cupid says it’s time.

I’ve given my all to ones who were unworthy
Retracted my love because most didn’t deserve me.
Then I fill in the gaps with more filler than a Slurpee
and wonder why I’m still so love hungry like Kirby.

I feel like I’ve been patient, waiting on this desire
my heart is growing anxious, my loins have been on fire.
Infinitely interesting is a trait that I require.
Cupid shot me once, but I labeled him as a liar.

I’m a ‘love at first sight’, ‘fate’ & ‘destiny’ consumer
love finds you when you’re not looking, or is that just a rumor?
Maybe he’ll cross my path once I get a cancerous tumor.
He’ll be my doctor..
..Cupid has a fucked up sense of humor.



Dear Sex Sez, 

I wanted to know if 7 inches were a good enough size to please a woman with for the first time? 

Dear Se7en Inches,

While the size of your member definitely depends on how you use it, big or small, seven inches is a commendable size to work with. Not small, and not too intimidating. Is it your first time or hers? I suppose the answer isn’t too relevant.

The erect size of the average guy is anywhere from 4.5 inches to nearly 6.5, with the norm resting somewhere around 5 inches. Depending on where you’re measuring from, 7 is a solid size to have. You should be proud and sport it wisely.

If you’re ever fretting about the size of your manhood, remember this, looking down at your one-eyed companion will always appear smaller to you due to your view perception, as opposed to someone looking at it straight on or from the side. Keep in mind, you’re putting that inside someone else. You’ll be fine, have fun and make sure she does too.

– J // Sex Sez

Vajaculate! 💦💦

Funny or Die has no shortage of hilarious videos, whilst caught up in the morning of #freethenipple and Amber Rose’s FOD “Walk of No Shame” I stumbled across this chuckle-worthy gem. Check it out.

SFW, for the most part. No nudity, just a giant–I’m gonna say papier mache–vagina.



Sexuality. Why does it scare so many people? Is it insecurity? Fear of rejection? Fear of realizing how fucked up or kinky you are? And why does it turn so many people on? Is it human nature? The sexual gratification of conquering another? Or simply the taboo or pleasure in general?

I think most of us can agree that sex typically feels good, to give and to receive. Some argue that sex is to be enjoyed but it is also to be respected and kept private. The jury is still out on what I consider “private”. What if part of your sexuality involves being very public? Or allowing others to view something that’s “typically” very private?

The rules don’t need to be as concrete as they once were. Times have changed and are continuing to change. You can either change with them, or not, your choice. But it isn’t okay to damn another for what their decision is. There are too many judgemental asses out there spouting off obscenties because they’re short-sided or ignorant. Sexuality should be left for every individual person to decide, as it varies human to human. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, unless you’re into that, do as you please.

I think it’s pretty funny how some will judge others sexual preference based on their very own. “People that use butt plugs are weird, but please whip me some more Master.” You know, those kinds of people. It’s all relative. What may be a kink for one, may not be for the next guy or gal/dom or sub. Can we all just get along?

Ha, okay, so what am I talking about here? Sexual dribble about accepting others for who they are, even if who they are only comes out on nights and weekends wearing black liquid latex and red pumps.


“This means: more fluidity, openness and respect. A wider range of accepted relationship dynamics, and the complete loving accpetance of various sexual preferences. And yet…more clarity, groundedness and peace surrounding all of it. Notice how much more feminine all that sounds when compared to whats been the status quo. The world needs to become more feminine. But part and parcel of that is having a lot of integrated, balanced men in it.” – Jared Domenico

The sooner you become square with the sort of things that turn you on, the sooner you can begin enjoying those things openly and without shame. Also the sooner you’ll become more accepting of others sexual preferences. It’s quite a liberating experience.

So take what you’ve read here and pass it on. Shame the judgemental ones and support the brave souls who can be honest about their desires & lust for the unusual.

Damn the man, save the sexual fantasies!

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