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August 2015

Wear Your Sex

Provacative and different, you’re going to want to check out the latest CRAVE in adult toys. Or maybe, I should say; jewelry?

You be the judge.

image image

Discreet and completely stepping up the game of vibrators, the Vesper vibrator necklace has fused jewelry accessories with sexual stimulation. Genius!

So sleek in design.
So sleek in design.

Meant for stimuli in public or private locations.

Fun and enticing style. Great for playful excitement anywhere you wish.

Discreeting worn as a necklace.
Discreetly worn as a necklace.

Vesper has quite the selection of colors too. Everything from Silver, Rose Gold-Plated (my personal choice & pictured above), and 24K Gold.


Annnd check this out — they all can be personally engraved for only $10 more! How neat is that? Classy, also! 😉  {Up to 60 characters}


Easy to clean, and simple to charge. Has up to four speeds.


With private and secure shipping, the CRAVE Vesper comes with a One Year Warranty.

Starting at the appropriately priced $69  and continuing on from there.  Custom engraving for an additional $10. (So worth iiit)

Fuck Buddy

Lay me down over the sheets.

Sweet like honey, every time we meet.

Just a quick exchange, long enough to knock me off my feet.

Such intense eyes, makes me want to retreat.

But I remember you too well.

The fire in my loins forcing my flower to swell.

Go through hell & back for your naughty ‘Show & Tell’.

Dwelling on the sensation while you’re ringing my bell.

Having your hands on me, no one else feels the same.

Running through traffic, and hurdling puddles in the rain.

There is no confusion, you definitely ease my pain.

One moment on your lips and I always remember why I came.

Head Over Feet

Swallow it down, soon we’ll be flying.

You think I haven’t thought about it, if I said no, I’d be lying.

Naughty thoughts, I’ve had a few in my mind’s bordello.

Watching & wanting you closely through the blues and yellows.

I want to make green with you, if only for one night.

To touch the stars together and drown the unfortunate plight.

Aren’t you curious too, to know how we’d fit?

Wishing you were mine while trying to shake the thought of it.

Can’t deflect the urges, not when they’re this intense.

Wondering how I can get you alone, knowing it can’t make sense.

Knowing we can’t be, despite the longing I feel deep.

Dialated pupils and I’m head over feet.

Taste Me, Tasting You

Legs spread, like waking in a dream.

Tender long kisses, down the middle, inbetween.

Deep slippery slurps, along your hard skin.

While you continue to nibble at my knee, behind the bend.

Taking all the time, nothing feels hurried.

Hands exploring while both our heads are buried.

Taste me tasting you, with such incredible thirst.

Blood pumping, breath heavy, feels like you’re going to burst.

Our moans are muffled, but we can feel the vibration.

Only moments away now, from the purest sensation.

You Sexy–Brotherfucka

Dear Sex Sez,

I’m a gal that has an amazing bestfriend, who I’ve grown up with all my life. My bestfriend is a girl and we’ve gone to both high school & college together. Our families know each other pretty well also, where the problem comes in is that I’ve started falling for her younger brother. An otherwise, ugly duckling until recent years. He’s 5 years younger than me, which isn’t TOO big a deal since he just turned 20. The only deal is that he and I made-out once drunkenly a couple years back. I didn’t tell my friend and when she found out she was crushed. More that I didn’t tell her, I think, not so much of the actual act. 

We talked about it and she expressed she didn’t really approve of me dating her then 17 year old brother, because she thought I would break his heart. What she doesn’t know is that her brother and I HAVE done it. And have been for about a month now. We’re trying to take things slow, but are getting pretty serious. When, how should I tell my bestfriend? I even considered just asking permission to date him, but leaving out that we’ve been seeing each other. Is that wise to save my skin? And if she doesn’t approve, do i have to stop seeing him? I mean, we are falling for each other anyway? Maybe my friend shouldn’t have this much say in my romantic life. Bestie or not.


Dear Brotherfucker,

Well you’ve certainly given me something to chew on. There are many factors here to consider, and many questions you’ll have to really ask yourself. (In addition to the ones you’re probably already asking. Ask again!) Like; has your best friend given you any other explanation for why she doesn’t want you dating her brother OTHER than she thinks you’ll break his heart? Is there a reason why she would think that about you? Were/are you promiscuous or have short lived romances? She could just be an over-protective big sister and just not want her two worlds blending in such a way.

While I don’t think the decision to continue seeing him should be up to her, I do think you need to talk to her about it. And while I don’t like to promote lying, I think if she was hurt by you kissing him in the past and not telling her, she miiiiight be a little peeved that it happened again and went further, for a longer period of time. What does your lover/her brother think about all of this? Is he all about coming clean? My suggestion to you is really search yourself about this issue. The last thing you’d want is to think you’re falling in love with your best friend’s brother, tell her about it, possibly sever your friendship–and the relationship fails. Buuut, no guts, no glory right?

Really determine if this is worth losing your friend over. If you’ve only been messing around for a month, there’s a possibility that you’re still freshly in “the honeymoon phase”. However, chances are there’s been a lingering affection since the first time you drunken kissed. Either way, think about it. Heavy. Decide what’s more important to you and your future. If you feel as if your friend’s brother is the one for you, go for it! Explain to your friend that you’ve started having feelings for her bruiser & assure her that you’ve grown up in these last couple of years, and so has he. You’re all adults and should treat the issue as such. Respect one another, and their decision to disapprove. She may disapprove of you dating him, and you disapprove of her disapproval. She or you don’t have to exactly like it, so long as you can work through it for the friendship. Try to be mature about it, speak from the heart, and the rest will follow.

–J // Sex Sez


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“Sizing” Up The Perfect Guy

Dear Sex Sez,

I recently met the guy of my dreams. At least it appeared that way until we started getting intimate. I’ll get straight to the point; it’s about his “point” (i.e. his member, his Johnson). Once we were making out in my car, and like most make-out sessions, my hands eventually found his buldge… or lack thereof! 😦  I was a little surprised that I didn’t feel more, as this guy is a linebacker type size. (Athletic, not fat) I tried not to think too much about it, and convinced myself that maybe he just wasn’t that turned on or that his jeans hid “it”.  But a few days later when I invited him up for “after dinner pancakes”, I realized that my fears were confirmed. It’s pretty small. :-/

He’s not a Ken doll, but I’m a voluptuous woman, who unapologetically likes bigger members. He isn’t bad in bed, but he can’t give me the pounding I like. But I like him! What should I do? I feel bad kicking him to the curb because of something he can’t control. But at the same time, I know what I need and I don’t think he can deliver. Help.

—Shallow Sally  

Dear Sally,

Small members can have a HUGE advantage to them! I know it sucks when “the perfect guy” turns out to have a deal-breaking aspect, but maybe you can work with him. You say he wasn’t bad in bed, which most likely means there’s room for improvement, since the first sexual experience with a new partner can be nerve-wrecking for some. Give it another try, see if he gets even better, and if not, don’t feel bad communicating to him what you like and want. There isn’t much he can do about his size, besides possibly pills, but if this guy is worth hanging around for, I’m sure you can find other ways to get what you need out of it. Introduce some toys, express to him EXACTLY how you like to be handled. Maybe he’s a little low on inches, but he should still be able to give you a solid pounding. There are condom extenders, french ticklers, and other options to explore.

How is his oral sex performance? A gentleman, in my personal experience, had the smallest member but gave the greatest face*. He was also pretty impressive in other areas for being so, forgive me, short-sided. Almost as if he knew he wasn’t working with much and wanted to make up for it.

I suppose the real question you have to ask yourself is; Are you willing to lose the potential love of a good man because his dick isn’t the size you prefer? Which is more important to you? I understand that sometimes it isn’t always that simple. To have the perfect man he should be everything you want and more, right? He should have the great personality AND be great in bed, right? But let’s think about the perfect man for a moment, even the guy closest to being perfect has something about him that annoys his partner. It’s just all about perspective and what we choose to overlook and what we choose to work with.  I hope I’ve helped in some form. Write back, I’d like to know what you decide.

–J // Sex Sez

*Face; What I refer to as cunnilingus.



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Morning Delight

The sun beams through, and falls upon your skin.

I can feel the heat from your body, I’m dying to let you in.

My hairs rise, as I lift my hand to touch your head.

Remembering last night; how it began and where it led.

All of the pleasure, I know that I want more.

Hunger for your thirst with ass cheeks so tenderly sore.

You know the way to touch me, when I say, “Don’t stop!”

My thoughts have wandered now & I’m climbing on top.

You stir unaware of what lies before you.

Morning delight, all I want is to adore you.

Ready for a ride, I position my hips to steady you.

Your hands pull me close & I feel you’re ready too.

Bright & early, time to get acrobatic.

I put you inside of me, and we begin to go at it.

Ode to Jupiter

I shall hold my breath; at times
Jupiter appears so far away.

To be brave is to leave
What I know in the past
And trust you will guide me
Through the shimmering black.

Against a thousand stars
You cannot be mistaken by
Even the simplest of eyes
And so will I find you now
With eyelids tightly shut.

Fierce and bright as the Sun,
Steamy and nimble as Mercury,
You are a rebel femme fatale
Like Venus, and as nurturing
a shield as mother Earth;

More captivating to man than Mars,
More deserving of a ring than Saturn,
As deep and vast as Neptune’s empire,
As provocative as pronouncing Uranus,
You made one planet just a rock,
And just a rock into a planet.

You are more than just the world
But all the cosmos at my fingertips.
Without the swan at center-stage
There is no ballet, nor heavens,
So dance, and show me how you soar.

To the ancients the mightiest god,
Tirelessly I worship and serve.
To the mystics the chariot of luck,
Fortuitously I ride and carry on.
To the wordsmiths the root of all joy,
Effortlessly I hear and I understand.

Courted by jewels named after lovers,
I am Io, closest to the swing of your soul;
I am Callisto, whose promises you can break;
I am Ganymede, beautiful envy of your peers;
I am Europa, warmed to my core by your grasp.

We find here an alien life, before seen
But unknown until this night:
With four lifted feet without a ground,
Two glossy bodies coiled in twisting mist,
And lips pressed betwixt into one,
It howls a song of binary voices

Answering mysteries of both
Science and Philosophies:
We are not alone,
Not anymore,
And never again.

We are not as far as we think,
but I will not exhale just yet;
I’ll wait for you to take that breath away
As I plunge into the red storm of your heart.

–submitted by Mars

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